Thermage vs. Titan: Why Choose Thermage

10 Reasons Why Thermage is the #1 and ONLY Choice for Skin Tightening and Contouring.

1. Thermage has FDA clearance for the treatment of Facial Wrinkles

Titan has NO FDA Clearance to treat face/neck and is intended to “provide topical heating for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness”.

2. Thermage has little or no discomfort

Titan is very painful and uncomfortable

3. Thermage is a ONE treatment procedure with results

Titan is 4-5 treatments with minimal and/or superficial tightening

4. Thermage has 1.9 second cycle time- Shorter procedure

Titan has a 6-8 second cycle time- Longer procedure

5. Thermage has over 200,000 patient treatments

Titan has an estimated 2,000 patient treatments

6. Thermage has been on many national TV shows including Oprah and is a trusted and well-known procedure

Titan has had little or no national exposure

7. Thermage technology has been clinically and scientifically proven with research

Titan technology has no clinical or scientific information

8. Thermage is installed in over 2,000+ practices in the US

Titan does not disclose how many practices

9. Thermage is administered by a licensed physician, nurse or aesthetician

Titan does not have criteria that meets these standards

10. Thermage has consistently been the clear choice in skin tightening and contouring in split face patient studies vs. Titan