Fat-Dissolving Injections Mesotherapy

It is now possible to, with a quick injection, literally dissolve fat in those hard-to-manage places. It's also far more precise than liposuction, allowing your physician to shape your body in a far more controlled manner than with liposuction.

These therapies take three forms: mesotherapy, lipolysis, and "Smart Lipo." They vary in speed, strength, and the after effects. Mesotherapy is the basic technique, melting fat with an injection that stings at first, but becomes more discomfortable as the fat is dissolved by the substances in the injection. The side effects include mild bruising, which clears up quickly. Patients can typically return to work immediately after the procedure. Lipolysis is a more powerful form of mesotherapy. "Smart Lipo" involves the use of a laser in conjunction with the injections to tighten and contour the skin over the dissolved fat.